Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mum

I thank God for my mother. Though she's not perfect BUT My Mum IS THE BEST!

My mum...

She always asked me how i did after my exam, when i told her 'i don't know' she will always replied " as long as you did your best!" and that motivate me to do the best i can (or i want).

she always make sure I'm properly dressed when i go out...especially during teenage years, my clothes tend to be shrinking & translucent.

She always make sure I'm home...curfew? what curfew?

She always come into my room wanting to chat but i'm snoring right there...she keeps talking anyway!

She knows that I'm lazy to eat my apples...she will peel,cut into slices and shove it into my mouth.

She has a chubby tummy...and i always lie comfortable!

She always thinks i only have 3 boyfriends before i got married...hmmn...let's keep it that way!

most importantly, She loves me and always there for me!

I love you, mummy!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Battling within...

Today is Easter...most shops are closed including Macy...hmmn???


We brought Kai to a park near our place...we sat there while kai went 'exploring'. Everywhere we could see groups of people having BBQ, playing Easter egg hunt, flying kite, lying on the grass sleeping, etc...just friends hanging out.


Me & friends...kinda sad...missing our dear friends in Perth...wishing we could be there right now...hanging out in South Perth or somebody house...BBQ Aussie sausages & chicken wings...

Friends Vs. Comfort - our own house, lot's of 'our' time & having just enough

Who wins? Go back? Stay?


Monday, January 26, 2009


Have you ever wish that you don't have to work yet have a lot of money to buy whatever you need/want? What about eat/snack + without any exercise and still have a fabulous body?

I do.

I too desire to have an intimate relationship with God yet not spending enough time at His feet...wish for answered prayer yet hardly utter any prayer...long for my family to be saved yet not interceding enough...want to be changed yet not doing anything different...aspire to make a difference for God yet I'm still staying at home!

My life is filled with contradictions!